Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths.


Deep learning based human pose estimation

Pose estimation is calculated by using computer vision to detect the position and orientation of an object. This usually means detecting key point locations that describe the object.

deep learning

Deep learning

Deep learning is a type of that trains a computer to perform human-like tasks, such as recognizing speech, identifying images or making predictions. Instead of organizing data to run through predefined equations

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence history

The term artificial intelligence was coined in 1956, but AI has become more popular today thanks to increased data volumes, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing power and storage.

neural networks

History of neural networks

The first neural network was conceived of by Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts in 1943. They wrote a seminal paper on how neurons may work and modeled their ideas by creating a simple neural network using electrical circuits.